Monday, June 29, 2009

Counting Down

The days are ticking away! My pregnancy calendar says 39 days until our due date, but it's actually only 32 days until the big c-section is scheduled a week before the actual due date.

Today was the first day of my week off, and I spent most of it cleaning and doing laundry. It seems as soon as I'm finished, it's time to start all over again. That's the plan for the whole, laundry, swim school. I think I'm done with the cooking/freezing. I made a few casseroles and soups and breads, and with Nanny's contributions to the stockpile, we should have plenty to eat after the baby comes. I'm hoping I can get some time to relax at some point this week!

I did take one pic of Savy today. Here's another thing she inherited from Jon....she loves video games. She was really getting into this one.

Jon and I have still not agreed on a name. I've picked my favorite, and if he hasn't come up with something before the big day, I guess that's what it'll be. I'm keeping it a secret until she's here.


Nanny said...

I'll be glad when the new baby gets here. Not only to see the little one, but also for you too. I know you are miserable this terribly hot weather. Hope to see you soon!

Ann said...

So what is the exact date of the arrival. You say a week before your due date but what is that. I want to know if she is coming on my bday?

Christy said...

The c-section is scheduled for July 31st, so that's the day...unless I go into labor on my own before then.

Ann said...

nope my bday is July 27th.