Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I've Been Doing

Here are some of the areas I've been organizing. The laundry room was the first thing I had become a catch-all for everything that we didn't have a place for. I cleaned out and put away all the junk, and now I have my nice, organized laundry room again.

The layout is exactly the opposite of what I intended when we were building; the mudroom area was supposed to be closest to the door, and there were supposed to be two "lockers" instead of one and a shelving unit. But there was a problem with wiring or venting or something like that, so it wound up this way...I'm pretty happy with it anyway.

I organized the pantry.

And organized the closet.

I love our closet. Most of the changes made to our house plan were Jon's ideas, but the closet design was mine. There's plenty of room, but it had gotten kind of messy in there. I even took all the shoes and folded items off the shelves and dusted them. Jon's side

My side

I reorganized our linen closet to make room for baby towels and washcloths.

Tonight we wound up making a late night visit to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and a trip to Wal-Mart to buy Savy a toy. Although Savy's been using the potty without accidents for #1, we've been having a hard time getting her to use the potty for #2. She did it a couple of times, then suddenly just refused. She finally did it again tonight (with much encouragement from us), so the ice cream and toy was her reward. She picked a play-dough set for herself. Jon got a couple of nerf are the two of them having a swordfight in the toy, we didn't buy the cowboy hats.

Here they are at home, fighting you guys know why Savy is so rowdy.

That's the bumbo seat Jon is using as a helmet. Here's Savy playing dead...Jon won this match.

I'm exhausted, and I've been starving all day. I hope the increase in appetite is temporary, or I might go over my goal. I think I'm going to have to skip my morning walk tomorrow.


TheresainMS said...

I am so jealous of all that space; that closet is perfect! Looks like the '2 kids' were having fun playing in the store aisles haha. Have a great day and stay cool!!

Jennifer said...

Can you come to my house while you are in the nesting mode. I promise to fly you back to the South in time for the new baby ;)

Audrey's mom said...

You can definitely tell you're nesting. :-) It looks really good! If you run out of things to do, you're more than welcome to come over!