Friday, July 17, 2009

I had another checkup today. My doc is still out of town, so I saw the nurse practitioner instead. She said everything looks good, no sign of an early baby, no dilation, etc. I'm at a total of 26 pounds for the entire pregnancy with only 2 weeks to go! I've taken care of all the paperwork for maternity leave, got my fill-in person trained...I'm ready!

Savy had her last swimming class yesterday, and she has graduated to the next level. We'll probably start classes again sometime late this fall. She wanted to take one more stroll down the boardwalk on her last day.

Savy was fascinated with this bike that's suspended by a wire in the trees. It's a tribute to a former faculty member at the school.

After my appointment this morning, we went to our favorite playground. There was no one else there when we arrived, so Savy had it all to herself. She kept asking "Where is everybody?" She's so social...her personality is so different than mine was when I was her age. I didn't like playing with other kids (with just a few exceptions) and would've loved having an entire playground to myself. She loves having other kids around.

She decided to try to catch another squirrel today. Look at this pout when he got away!

She collected some mushrooms growing in the shade

And pretended to push "baby sister" in the swing.

Finally, some other kids showed up...she was so happy to have someone to play with!


TheresainMS said...

Poor thing; those squirrels are devious creatures! haha I've got plenty of lizards at my house if she wants to chase something. Want me to see if Mimi will keep them til Savy gets there? LOL It's good that she's so social; hopefully she'll never have an awkward moment :-)

One of my grandkids is staying with us for the next week and I am so thrilled to have him here. He's such a sweetie; he's 5 and he's as happy entertaining himself as he is playing with others.

Y'all have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

She is such a social butterfly! Maybe one day soon you guys can come visit, I know she and Addi would have a blast together.

Mimi said...

The pic of Savy and Jon is precious. She is Jon made over. I recognize the pout, but lets not tell her about Theresa's lizards. Mimi loves to make Savy happy, but maybe not that much.