Sunday, July 5, 2009


Savy graduated from level 3 swim class last week. She's doing great, and she starts level 3/4 on Monday. Here's a pic of her swimming on her own.

So far, she can't keep her head up while she swims. In the next level, she'll learn to turn her head from side to side to breath while she's swimming.

I worked at rehab on Saturday to fulfill my holiday requirement for the year. I worked the day shift (7a-3p), and I was exhausted by the end. Mimi came to stay Saturday night and treated us to dinner at Corky's. She also brought lots of fireworks from Pappi. Savy loves fireworks...she associates them with our disneyworld trip, so she insisted on wearing her Tinkerbell costume.

Mimi took us shopping and to lunch today before she left for home. She bought Savy "Elefun" while we were out. Savy loves this game and wants to play it over and over again.

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TheresainMS said...

Love these fireworks pics; Savvy looked so sweet in her Tink costume! You may have a swim champ on your hands the way she's breezing thru her lessons. Michael Phelps, watch out :)