Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost There

Janet called last week and asked if we could come by the office because they had a gift for the baby, so we went to visit today. In addition to a very generous gift card, we got these monogrammed burp cloths...they're almost too pretty to use. I blacked out the name on the photo since it's not public knowledge yet, but you can see "S" is the initial.

They gave Savy a gift too...a monogrammed pillowcase that matches her room perfectly. She couldn't wait to put her pillow in it. I have a fluffier pillow upstairs that I'll put it in after I iron it.

They are really pretty. Kim, a Trinity nurse, did the monogramming.

After the office, we went to the playground again. This time Savy wanted to check out the historic house there. She thought someone lives there and was determined to visit with them.

She knocked on all the doors. When no one answered, she sat down to wait for them to come home. It took some time to convince her that no one actually lives there.

She thought this was a wishing well. It must have been a well at one time, but it's been filled in with dirt up to ground level.

We also went through the automatic car wash on the way home....Savy LOVES the car wash. Car's clean, house is clean, all baby stuff is assembled. All I have to do is install the car seat.

Holy Cow! We're having a baby in 2 days!


Nanny said...

The picture of Savy picking the ripe tomato is the most precious thing I have ever seen. You caught her just right with that little mischevious look on her little face. That is the little look that she would get on her face when she would try to play with the blinds on Debbie's sliding glass door, and Debbie would tell her no. She would go to the blinds, put her little hand on them, and then look at Debbie with that same look on her face. We are getting so anxious for the new baby to get here, so we can see her. I know she is going to be precious just like Savy.

Ann said...

Good luck on Friday. I hope everything goes smoothly. Will call you on Sat before we come to the hospital. Cant wait to meet your new little girl!

Jennifer said...

I am so ready for this baby to arrive, I can't wait!!!