Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pool Party

Our neighbors Buz and Kathy had a pool party today. Savy was so excited and couldn't wait to go...she kept asking all morning "is it time to go yet?" Two o'clock finally got here, and we headed to their place just a few steps away from our house. Here's Savy in all her gear as we were leaving.

Their back yard is awesome! The pool is a salt water pool, which I hear requires very little maintenance. I love all the stone-work, and their gazebo is great.

Luckily, it was overcast today, so it wasn't too miserably hot...I sweated to death anyway though. Jon was such a good sport! He stayed in the pool with Savy until she was ready to get out...and those of you who have ever been swimming with Savy know that is a LONG time. They stayed in the pool for hours while I relaxed (or as close as I could get to relaxed) in a lounge chair. She climbed up on the waterfall and jumped in the pool over and over and over again. This first pic is a great action shot...I caught her in mid-air.

Here's a video of Savy jumping off the waterfall. She is absolutely fearless. Jon kept scolding her because she was actually trying to climb up to the very top to jump off...he had to make her stop on the lower steps.

She finally got tired and agreed to get out of the pool for a snack. Then she was right back in the pool for a while longer. I think she would have stayed all night if we let her, but we convinced her to come home a little after 7 tonight. I don't know who is more tired...her or Jon.


Nanny said...

Now that is what I call living!!

Ann said...

Sounds like great fun. I guess at this rate I wont see you until #2 is born. Cant wait to see her! Carolyn had a great 3rd birthday. Still cant believe my baby is 3 and Lauren will be 8 on the 24th. where does time go. Miss you!