Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday I had to go to the office to train the person who'll cover for me while I'm on maternity leave. Next week will be my last week of work before I'm off....I can't believe she's almost here! Since I had to be in office, Savy got to go to Ms Robin's house for the day. Robin was Savy's preschool teacher, and she does in-home daycare. Savy was so excited to see Robin and her friend Audrey (Robin keeps her too). She couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had when I picked her up.

I'm still cleaning and getting baby stuff ready. I hope to get the floors mopped, bathrooms cleaned, all the bed linens washed, and bottles, pacifiers, and pump sterilized this week. The freezer is full of food. We still have to put the crib together, but I think that's the only major thing left. I've got my emergency suitcase packed for the hospital. Now, if my doctor will just finish up her vacation and get back into town, I'll be ready to go!

I know I said I was going to cut down on the exercise, but I went for my morning walk today anyway. I just feel so much better when I'm active early in the day. I cannot wait to wear something other than maternity clothes!


Nanny said...

I know you are getting anxious, we are too. You are such an organized person. Hang in there, it won't be long now.

Ann said...

I need you to come organize my house while you are in the nesting phase.