Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Baby Yet

I'll try not to go too long without posting...don't want anyone thinking I went into labor early. I'm still hanging in there.

Granny Ruth is visiting, and Savy is loving having her here. They spent the whole day together. She helped me make dinner tonight. We had dinner for breakfast...hash brown casserole, eggs, and biscuits. Savy ate very well tonight. Here she is telling me she ate so much that her tummy hurts.

She's so dramatic.

With Savy distracted today, I finally had a chance to put the crib together.

We're using the same crib bedding that Savy used. I just love the sage green and coral-pink flowers....not too baby-ish.

My doc is back in town, so it's safe for me to exercise again. I went for a long walk yesterday and today. I'm getting extremely uncomfortable now, and I'm beginning to wonder if I will really make it to the 31st. I'm ready anytime, and we FINALLY have agreed on a name...even Savy likes it.


Ann said...

Cant wait to hear the baby's name. We will be in Memphis the first week in August. I will call and see how you are doing and see if it would be convenient to see baby girl 2. It is hard for me to believe my baby is 3 and Lauren will be 8 on Friday.

TheresainMS said...

Wishing you all the luck you can handle and hoping you find a comfortable position soon. I remember well how awkward I felt those last few weeks. Mimi is sitting on ready; probably not as ready as you though :-) Have a great Thursday!!