Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Favorite Playground

I went to Germantown to get my annual TB skin test today. After we took care of that, Savy and I stopped to check out a new playground near the library. This one is definitely my favorite of all the playgrounds we've visited. The main reason is because it's shaded. There are trees all around it, and there are lots of picnic tables and benches under the canopy to sit on....all the other playgrounds are in full sun all day. This one is a bit smaller than the one in Collierville, so I can actually sit down and still see Savy wherever she the others, I have to follow her around or I lose sight of her. This one wasn't as crowded as the others usually are, and it's way off the road.

Savy liked the geese

She went straight for the "mountain" and climbed right on up. This thing is really neat...the underside is designed to look like a cave, and there are fake dinosaur bones on the wall.

I was surprised she picked the toddler swing instead of the big kid swing....she said she likes it because she can lean back in it.

Savy made friends with this little girl, and they played together for a long time.

When her little friend left, she took a kool-aid break.

Then she spotted a squirrel and was convinced she could catch it. She was very disappointed when it escaped up the tree.

She enjoyed herself, and I got to relax a little bit. We were planning to go to the sprinkler park tomorrow, but it's supposed to rain. If so, I guess we'll go Friday. The last day of vacation Bible school is Friday. Monday, she starts her swimming lessons...she can't wait for that!


Anonymous said...

hey, where is this park located? directions?? i live in cordova off of walnut grove and sanga. thanks

Christy said...

It's beside the Germantown library. Get on Germantown Parkway South, take a left on Neshoba Rd, then a right on Exeter Rd. It's just past the library a bit off the road under the trees.