Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catching Up

What a week! It's been so busy...and I've got to work tomorrow to make up for taking off Thursday. This post is going to be just random stuff.

We finally found goggles that Savy likes and actually stay on. She didn't want to take them off at swim class.

We had a terrible storm Friday...luckily we didn't lose our power. This morning we woke to another storm. This time the entrance to our neighborhood flooded, and some of the homes at the entrance actually flooded. We did lose power today for a couple of hours.

Yesterday we brought baby stuff down from the attic...time to start getting things ready! I only managed to get the cradle together, though.

I've still got to assemble the crib and play yard. And the amby bed, of course!

Savy was so excited over the baby toys. She was constantly trying to get into the cradle, and I think she's claimed the bumbo seat for her own.

I cleaned and organized in the early afternoon, then we did outdoor work. Jon got rid of the two dead trees out front, and I tried to clean up a bit after the storm. My little garden survived...a tomato plant, mint, and rosemary.

Yes, we have tomatoes! Savy is obsessed with them and has already picked two too early...she just can't help herself.

There are apples on Jon's apple tree...Savy was obsessed with those until she discovered the tomatoes.

And here's another pic of our baby birds (the swifts on the front porch). They can't even fit in the nest anymore, but they still haven't left.


Ann said...

The storm Friday was bad here also. We lost power from 6pm until Midnight. Luckily Lauren was at an overnight camp having a blast despite the storm while Mom, Dad and sissy were in the doctor hoping she was ok.

Christy said...

What was wrong with Carolyn? Hope she's ok!

Ann said...

ok dont know why I typed doctor I meant to say we were in the dark hoping Sissy was ok at camp. Nothing wrong with Carolyn. That's what i get for not proofreading before I posted.