Monday, June 8, 2009

Pool School: Day 1

Savy's first day of swimming lessons went well. There are 4 children in her group. She got a little excited at the beginning and tried to jump right in, but her teacher told her not to do it again...and she actually listened. She also got a little bored at the beginning with the blowing bubbles exercises, but she really enjoyed the end when they got to practice jumping into the water.

She was not a bit afraid of jumping in the water. She kept cutting in line to be able to jump off the side.


Nanny said...

Savy looks like she is having a really good time. She is a regular little water duck. I bet she'll learn to swin in nothing flat, because she is not afraid of the water. She looks so sweet. We really enjoyed seeing her over the weekend. I just kept telling Debbie and Lee Ottis that she is just a little doll. She looks just like a beautiful little doll.

Jennifer said...

Look at you gettnig Savy in swimming lessons, I need to do that! It just gives you a peace of mind knowing that your kiddo can swim.