Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm So Disappointed

I ordered a new maternity dress from Old Navy on Sunday. All my other dresses are almost too small to accommodate my belly, my pants/shorts keep falling down constantly, and I've only got 2 shirts that still completely cover my belly. I thought I'd need just a couple of new things that were really big for these last 2 months.

We're planning on going to visit Jon's family for the 4th of July. As you saw before, his sister has an AWESOME lake house, and there are sure to be lots of people around. I'll be huge by July 4th and it'll be HOT, so I wanted a comfy, cool new dress to wear for the occasion. I saw this one on the website and had to have it.

They don't carry it in stores, so I ordered it online. I imagined myself sitting out in the and comfortable in this dress and my wide-brimmed sun hat. I thought it looked so summery with the tropical flower print. I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

It arrived today. I couldn't wait to try it on. I didn't order my usual medium because, as I said before, mediums are just about too small for my belly now. Firstly, the large I ordered is great below the smocked area...fits great with some room for the belly to grow (as it surely will). but the smocked bust is HUGE...way too big for me, and I'm not exactly flat as a board these days if you know what I mean. The worst part? It makes me look like a cow. No, seriously, like a real cow....that big black and white print I liked looks like a black and white cow costume when worn. As disappointed as I was with the fit, I had to laugh out loud when I looked in the full length mirror.

I refuse to give up, though! I'm going to pin the smocked area to see what it would look like if taken in. If it looks decent, I'll alter it myself (not going to pay for tailoring on maternity wear. If not, I'll have to return it and find something else.

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