Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pool School x 2

Savy had an extra swim class this morning to make up for missing Thursday. We got up early to make the class, then spent the whole day in town so we wouldn't have to drive back for the afternoon class. It was miserably hot today...or maybe it was just me.

After class #1 we had lots of time to kill. Savy got to look at the toys for a long time in TJ Max....she knows which stores have toys now and starts asking to go look at toys as soon as we walk in. It was pretty hard to talk her out of this skateboard today.

That dress is another Boden freebie....well, almost free. I used the rest of my credit, so this one was 90 cents. It's a little big, so she'll be able to wear it for at least 2 summers.

We hit the food court in target for an icee (for Savy) and a bottle of water (for me).

Jon says I have a Target addiction. I've only been 3 or 4 times in the past week.

It was finally time for swim class #2. Savy is now VERY comfortable in the water (as if she wasn't before). She loves being under water now, as you can plainly see from the pics of today's lesson. Note how her classmates are all sitting on the steps while she's going under.

She's getting bored with their usual exercises and is ready to plow on ahead. Her instructor had to laugh at her today...every time she turned around, Savy was under the water.


Adam Holly Grace said...

I've been thinking about you Christy! I know the clock is ticking.. won't be long till Savy has a baby sis! Time has really flown by! I don't know if it has to you?.. are you ready for #2?? Take care!

Christy said...

Time really has flown. A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly realized I only have a few weeks left! We're so excited and can't wait to meet her. And no, we still don't have a name.

Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog, it always brings a smile to my face. Thanks for all the updates and details, love it!