Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Does The Fishing Gene Skip A Generation?

I woke up early again this morning and took Vita for a walk. I love walking in the mornings when it's just starting to warm up and it's so quiet. I let Savy sleep late since she stayed up late last night...Bible school wasn't over til 9.

I dressed her in her new sundress today. It's from Boden USA, and I absolutely love it. Savy loves it because it has pockets...pockets are important for some reason.

It's super thin, 100% cotton, so it's perfect for hot days like today. The best part....it was FREE! The great thing about Boden is that for every friend you recommend (give a valid address for), you get a $5 credit to your account as long as they aren't already on the mailing list, up to 4 friends per month. Their clothing is kinda pricey, but you can let your credits accumulate until you have enough to get a free item. So this dress was $0, and I still have some of my credit left over. If you know me and you've received a Boden catalogue, I'm probably the one who sent it...I've given up the addresses of almost everyone I know.

Here are some shots on the patio.

Savy has been asking for a fishing pole for some time now. I have no idea why...I've never liked fishing, and Jon's not much for it either that I'm aware of. I suspect she must get this fascination for fishing from Mimi and Papi....they love to fish. Or maybe from Nanny and Lee Otis, because they like to fish as well. I'm not sure if Granny Ruth likes to fish or not. Anyway, we went to Wal-mart before our picnic to get a fishing pole, and Savy picked the Disney princess one. We stopped at McDonalds for a happy meal afterward, and we were ready for our picnic. We picnicked at the pond at the entrance to our neighborhood, which just so happens to be stocked with fish...Savy has seen people fishing out there before.

The minute she was done eating, she was ready to fish. Of course I didn't put a hook on the line...just the little weighted practice thingy that came with it. She didn't know the difference and had fun throwing it out and reeling it in anyway.

She didn't catch anything, but we did see two fish swim up to the surface near her line. It seemed as if they were coming up to say "You guys do know that you're supposed to put some bait on there, right?"


Nanny said...

Poor little girl, didn't even have any bait on her hook. She looked like she was crying while she was eating, was she anxious to fish? She is the sweetest little thing, she probably gets the liking to fish from our side of the family, Lee Ottis & me and also Debbie. We all love to fish.

Christy said...

No, she was not crying while she was eating...she was enjoying her happy meal very much. And she didn't have any bait because I thought a hook was too dangerous for her to play with.

And she's starting swimming lessons next Monday :P