Friday, June 19, 2009

Where Does All The Time Go?

Lately I feel like there aren't enough hours in my day. Getting things ready for the baby is time consuming. The nesting instinct has kicked in again too, so I've been cleaning and organizing like crazy.

Savy completed levels 1 and 2 of swim school. She starts level 3 on Monday, so that's another 2 weeks of lessons. She can't get enough of the pool, and she's upset that the has to wait until Monday to swim again.

I spent the whole morning cleaning, then Savy and I took a break this afternoon. We went to S&P for lunch then headed to town on a find a shirt that covers my belly! OK, let me be more specific....find a flattering, sleeveless, cool shirt that covers my belly. It has been in the upper 90's for most of the week, and I have been miserable. I only have 2 shirts that cover the bump now, and one of them has sleeves...and it's just too hot for sleeves (even if they are short sleeves). So we go to Motherhood Maternity (what better place to find one, right?) and I start trying on shirts....what are these designers thinking? I wanted a tank top with those thin spaghetti straps and a shelf bra...that's about the coolest type of top I can think. Every one I tried hit me just below the belly-button and left quite a bit of belly exposed. The extra large size was the only thing that covered my belly (and it just barely covered it), but the bust area was HUGE. Same thing at the other maternity places. I'm still pretty much the same size as I was pre-pregnancy, just my belly is much bigger. Wouldn't you think that maternity shirts should be made for this body type? I finally found just what I was looking for at Old Navy (the Collierville store has a maternity section).

When we got home, I set up my new clothesline. I've wanted a clothesline since we moved here, but I doubt our neighbors would like that. I found this collapsible one on functions like an umbrella, is really easy to put up/take down, and I just set it in our umbrella stand when I want to use it. How perfect is that?

What did Jon think of it? He said "I think we're officially rednecks now."

I also cleaned Savy's playroom today and took out all the toys she's outgrown. I finally got around to hanging up the sun-catcher she made in Bible school.

We tested Savy's old baby swings this afternoon. I think Savy wore them both out...they just barely swing now. I ordered a new swing tonight, and Savy claimed this old one as her "TV watching chair".

I can't believe it's Friday already...where did my week go?


theresa said...

I can relate to the 'where does time go' question. I don't have an answer though :-) Glad you found some cool tops; I can only imagine how miserable this heat is making you. Savy looks quite comfortable in her 'tv' chair; looks like she might outgrow it pretty quickly too haha Hope y'all have a great weekend; stay cool!

Farrar Family said...

I hear you on the maternity clothes that don't fit!! I never found any that would work toward the end of my pregnancy. I think the designers have never tried them on an actual pregnant woman. It is terribly irritating!! And who wants a skin tight outfit when you feel giant and don't want anything touching you anyway!! Savy is too cute!!