Monday, August 31, 2009

Caught On Tape

Today was my first day back to work. It wasn't too bad, although Scarlett was extremely demanding of attention today.

Jon cooked steaks on the grill for dinner tonight, and they were wonderful. He grills the best steaks in the world! While he was on the patio, he called me out to look at something. This little guy was having a nice bath...must be why the dogs haven't been drinking from that water bowl lately.

Jon was making videos of Scarlett tonight...just because she was being cute and cooing and stuff. He just happened to be filming when she let out a very big poot...make sure your audio is on for this one.


Adam Holly Grace said...

Sweet! But that poot.. so funny!

TheresainMS said...

So sweet and so funny; sounds like she had a healthy one too :-) Love this! Moments like this are so tough to catch if you try and sometimes they just happen LOL! Have a great week!!

Ann Abbott said...

too cute!