Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Post # 301

I just realized that I've made 300 posts since I started this blog...just in case anyone is keeping track.

Nanny and Lee Ottis came to visit yesterday and spent the night with us last night. I slipped away yesterday afternoon to go buy a double stroller. I've really been wanting one so I can take both girls for a walk, to the mall, etc without Savy complaining about how tired she is. After a lot of research, I wound up getting the Combi Twin Sport EX.

It's styled like an umbrella stroller, but has some cool extras. The seats are padded, and they're also removable so they can be washed. The seat backs on the Combi are about 2 inches taller than all the other lightweight double strollers...important because Savy is tall. There are 3 cupholders for the kiddos. The sun-shades give a good bit more coverage than the other lightweight strollers I looked at. It fits through standard doorways and turns very easily. And the seats recline almost fully, so Scarlett can rest comfortably without having to be propped up.

I also picked up this toy doctor's kit for Savy. She loved it and has spent all last night and all morning "doctoring" Lee Ottis, Nanny, and Kiki.

Savy hasn't felt too well this afternoon. She started getting irritable at lunch. She took a nap and had a temp of 102.7 when she woke up. I gave her some ibuprofen. Nanny and Lee Otttis picked up a happy meal for her before they headed home. Her temp is normal now and she's acting like she feels fine. I guess if the temp goes back up, she'll have to miss school tomorrow.

Only a couple more weeks until I get the ok to do some serious exercise again (I hope). I walked a mile with Scarlett yesterday while Savy was at school. I only have 9 pounds to lose before I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight!

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Nanny said...

We really enjoyed our visit Christy. I feel like we might have been more in the way, than we were help though. At least Lee Ottis got your upstairs commode fixed, and your smoke detector, and you got to go get the stroller, and get out a little while yesterday. Debbie said Savy is better. That is wonderful, I can't stand for her to be sick or anything hurt her. She is just a little angel. I felt so sorry for her. Scarlett is just a little doll. I didn't call this morning so as not to bother you. Let us know how Savy does.