Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nanny and Lee Ottis came to visit yesterday, and they stayed with us last night. I'm glad they were finally able to come meet Scarlett. Lee Ottis was joking with Savy when they left today that they were going to take Scarlett home with them...Savy said absolutely not! She loves her little sis!

Here are some random pics.

This sunflower sprouted under our birdfeeder, and Savy wanted to let it grow. She's pretty proud of it...and the tomatoes we are growing.

A couple of pics of Scarlett. I'll be glad when we can clip her nails. Her nails are so long that we have to keep the mittens on so she won't scratch her face.

I hooked up Savy's Elmo sprinkler and let her play in the water this afternoon. She and Kallie LOVE to play in the sprinkler! Vita is lying well out of the range of the sprinkler...she hates to get wet.

We are making sure to give Savy extra attention so she won't feel left out. So far I guess it's working, because she doesn't seem jealous of Scarlett at all. It helps that Scarlett is so laid back...she doesn't demand constant attention like Savy did as a newborn.

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Nanny said...

What is a nursing necklace? Or what do they cost? Maybe I can give you money to get one. We sure did enjoy our visit Saturday and Sunday. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I was so worn out. My leg was killing me Saturday night. Scarlett is the sweetest thing. I think Savy enjoyed playing with Lee Lollis!! We love you, Jon, and the babies so much! Take care of yourself. I told Lee Ottis that you were jumping up every minute doing something. You are such a good little home maker. Do you want me to make you some more vegetable soup to bring next time we come up there?