Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well, my last week of maternity leave has been difficult. Jon was in Nashville all week. On Wednesday, Savy spiked a temp over 102 degrees, then she developed a cough and sore throat. I had to try to keep Savy and Scarlett separated so Scarlett wouldn't catch it...not easy when both girls were wanting constant attention and there was only one of me. Savy was also waking up during the night along with Scarlett.

Jon hasn't unpacked yet, so Savy made a bed out of his suitcase.

We got a package from Jennifer this week. She knitted a very cute hat for Scarlett. These aren't the greatest pics...she was reaaly squirming.

She also made one for Savy's doll...Savy loves it!

We went to Costco today. We picked up this little cardboard house for Savy, along with some magic markers so she could decorate it.

I have to start work again tomorrow...I really wish I'd taken another week or two off. Oh well, at least I work from home.


Jennifer said...

Christy, you may have to trim some of the fur yarn on the bottom of the hat so they won't get in her eyes. I will make one for Savy and another for Scarlett when the weather changes. I'm so glad Scarlett did not get sick. Miss you tons.

Christy said...

Jen, the hat is actually a perfect fit...she was just squirming so bad it kept getting pushed down over her eyes. Miss you too.

TheresainMS said...

These pics are great; love that hat!