Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can You Say Regression?

Savy seems to be regressing a little. She is constantly trying to get into the carrier, and today she insitsted on a pacifier. She thinks it is great fun to pretend to be a baby.

Savy is such a good big sis. We were all on the bed yesterday. Scarlett was napping, I was watching tv, and Savy was watching Loony Toons on my i-phone. Scarlett started fussing in her sleep, and Savy just reached over and started patting her head gently to soothe her. Scarlett calmed right down, and Savy just left her hand there to comfort Scarlett.

Things are going pretty smoothly right now. Scarlett is such a quiet little thing (I hope I don't jinx it by saying that). She never cries unless she's hungry, her tummy hurts, or she needs changing...big change from Savy who had horrible colic. Jon was so freaked out by how quiet she was the first night at home. He couldn't sleep because he was worried she wouldn't cry if she was uncomfortable. She's content to just look around when she wakes up and doesn't cry to be held...but we can't help cuddling her when she looks at us with those beautiful eyes.


Farrar Family said...

Such precious angels!!!

Jennifer said...

How Sweet, I love the way Savy comforted her little sis!