Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Pics

I feel so rested today! Scarlett didn't sleep well at all for several nights in a row, but last night she slept like a baby (pun intended). She didn't even wake up to nurse until around 5 am...almost a full nights sleep!

Savy was excited to get back to school today. It was raining this morning, so she had to go out with her umbrella.

This is a pic of her on the night of open house...she loves to wear bows in her hair.

Scarlett on the play mat.

Savy had to play in it too. It was hers when she was a baby, so she was a little upset that we have now given it to Scarlett.

Scarlett sleeping in her pack-n-play.

I'm going to try to get out and walk this afternoon. I can't wait until I get the ok to go back to the gym!


Nanny said...

i believe Savy is a little upset over the play thing. Those big beautiful blue eyes look a little upset. I love the picture. Little Scarlett looks so sweet. It is unbelievable how good she is. That is so wonderful!

Farrar Family said...

Such beautiful kids!!!!