Monday, August 17, 2009

Time is flying these days! Sorry it's been nearly a week since I checked in last, but I'm sure you guys understand. Here are some photos of Savy and Scarlett I took last week...we were all just relaxing on the bed.

Mimi came to visit on Saturday. We went shopping for back to school clothes for Savy, and she stayed with us Saturday night. Scarlett got her first bottle Saturday night (mommy's milk, of course), and she took it with no problems. Savy observed this and had to try it with her doll.

Things are still going really well. Scarlett is more alert and staying awake for longer periods now. She's sleeping well at night and only waking up once or twice for a feeding...we did have to resort to the amby bed after the first few days though. Savy is demanding more attention lately, but she's not really showing any jealousy toward her little sis.

Tonight is open house for preschool, and tomorrow is the first day of class...Tuesdays and Thursdays are school days. Savy can't wait to go back and see all her friends!


Anonymous said...

Scarlett is absolutely beautiful. I hope to be able to come see you soon. Krista

TheresainMS said...

Both girls are just gorgeous! I'm glad you like the onesies and that Savy likes her coloring book and bracelets. I guess I'll never be too old to enjoy a new, fresh box of crayons haha

Take care!!