Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We have been so busy getting ready for summer! As you know, I weeded all the flower beds last week (with a little help from Lee Otis on Friday...thanks Lee Otis!). Jon and his coworker Bryan (aka John) mulched all the beds on Saturday while Savy and I went shopping with Mimi. I shouldn't post this, because it'll break Mimi's heart...I took a pic of Savy right after Mimi left to show how much she misses her.

Savy was more than happy to help the guys mulch when we got home. She loves getting dirty!

Here are our (almost) finished flower beds. I still have to plant some annuals in the pots on the front patio, and there are a couple of dead evergreens we have to replace in the front.

Back bed around the cat run

Back patiio

Front smaller bed

Front bed and patio

Yesterday I started on another project...getting a stockpile of food in the freezer for after the baby is born. We certainly won't feel like cooking when we bring her home, and I don't want to have to eat takeout all the time. I started last night with a chicken spaghetti casserole and a huge batch of white chicken chili. Today I'm going to make a large batch of black bean soup and some mini meatloaves to freeze. Later this week I'm planning to make taco soup. If anyone has any good freezer recipes, please feel free to share...I need ideas.

As for names, we are still stumped. I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones or what, because I've never really cared for this name before, but I really like the name Sylvia (nickname Sylvi or Sly). Anyone have an opinion (that I haven't already heard) on that one? I'm also still taking suggestions. I also like Logan (yes, for a girl), and Charlotte is still an option.


Ann said...

Out of the ones you put today. I like Charlotte the best but I still like my suggestion of Jennette Marie and calling her Jenna. I guess you didnt like that one.

Jennifer said...

I love Sylvia and calling her Sylvi. I also like that both of your girls will have a name that starts with an, "S." Good idea about freezing meals. We do that all the time and John pulls out a meal from the freezer and takes it to work, super convenient!

mimi said...

You're right, that picture breaks my heart. It will be really hard to leave her next time. Give her a big hug for me and tell her I'll see her next weekend.

Nanny said...

Savy looked so pityful on that picture it broke my heart too. I have another name suggestion, Lindsey Brooke. Let me know if you like it or not. I saw it in the paper today, and thought it was pretty.

mimi said...

How about Sylvia Brooke or Julia Brooke?

Christy said...

Well, Sylvia's out. I swear, we're never going to find a name for this girl. Lindsey is Jon's niece's name, so that would be confusing.
I picked two names from the list of names Jon gave me that he likes (Sylvia was one of them), but now we can't use them.
I'm going to leave it up to Jon. If he hasn't come up with a name that I like by the time she's born, I'm naming her whatever I want.