Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Stuff

I got so irritated yesterday. I was out in the street with Savy (she was riding her bike), and this lady who I don't know stops and says "Wow, you're due any day now, aren't you?" This (to me) translates to "Wow, you're HUGE!" Now, being a total stranger and having no idea how far along I am, she could've just asked when I'm due...or just not said anything at all. Yes, I realize that I look like I could deliver any day. I don't mind so much when people I know do it, but I just think it's inappropriate for strangers to comment on it. And they do...a lot. And they don't just drop the subject when I say that my due date is actually August 7th, either. This is pretty much how every conversation goes...this example is an actual conversation I had with a total stranger not too long ago.

Stranger: "Oh my, you must be getting close to having that baby!"
Me: "Umm, actually, I've got a while to go."
Stranger: "When's your due date?"
Me: "August 7th."
Stranger: (Pause) "How many are in there?"
Me: "Just one."
Stranger: (Longer pause, looks down at my stomach) "Are you sure?"
Me: "That's what my doctor says."
Stranger: "You know, that other one can hide sometimes..."
Me: "Well, I guess we'll see."

I'm sure they don't mean any harm, but I get soooo tired of hearing about how big I am. Even Jon thinks my doc is off on the due date. I guess we'll see...

On a funnier note, Vita crawled out the pet door and got stuck in the cat run again today...

that big dummy.

I got up at 6:30 again this morning and went for a 2 mile walk. I'm afraid that's about as much of a workout as I'll be able to handle for the rest of the pregnancy. The last few times I used the eliptical, I started having contractions before I was done. Then I got that awful sinus infection and couldn't do much of anything for 3 weeks....oh, well. My next checkup is next Wednesday. I hope the scale is nicer to me this time.


Nanny said...

Pay no attention to what people say. We had a lady here that was pregnant, got big right at first, but toward the last she didn't get any bigger. That is probably the way you are doing, just carrying a lot of fluid close to the first of your pregnancy. Give Savy a big hug. we love you!!

Farrar Family said...

Don't listen to what they say. I began to find it humorous when people would tell me how huge I was and that it must be twins. Then, the next second, someone would be telling me how tiny I was and that I should eat more so the baby could grow!!! Everyone has opinions that they find hard to keep to themselves!!! I think you look great!!