Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birds Love Us!

The other day, I noticed we have another birds' nest...this one on our front porch.

The inhabitants are some sort of swifts...they're too quick for me to get a good look at them. Here they are swooping at me while I was taking the picture of the nest.

Our house finches are still there, and it looks like we now have babies. You can see them popping their heads up over the edge of the nest.

And I caught another pair of house finches starting a nest on our other patio speaker this morning.

They seem to have abondoned it, though...I haven't seen them at all this afternoon.

I've had a very busy day. I dropped Savy off at school first thing this morning. Then I came home and took Vita on a 2 mile walk. After a quick rest, I got to work on the "weed garden" around the cat run....pulling weeds and putting down landscape fabric.


I only got halfway finished, but it's already looking better.

Once I'm finished, Jon will put new mulch down on top of the lanscape fabric.

I also planted some flowers in pots on the patio, and I planted some bearded irises in front of the house. I'll post pics of those later.

Savy got a haircut after school, and then we went grocery shopping.


Jennifer said...

You are so handy around the house. I'm still waiting for a free weekend to do the corkboard looking project that you did. I am still amazed at how awesome it looks. It looks like you bought it right out of Pottery Barn.

Christy said...

Thanks...I really am pleased with how it turned out. Now, if I can just get all these flower beds taken care of, I can relax for a little while!