Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I had another checkup today...this time they made me come back after 3 weeks instead of four. Now it'll be every two weeks, then every week until the baby comes. My doc said everything looks good, and all the measurements are just as they should be. We heard the heartbeat again. My weight gain was a little more than I expected. But considering that the last weight was at 8 am before I'd had anything to eat or drink (fasting glucose was last appointment), and this weight was at 3 pm after I'd had two meals, many beverages, and plenty of time for my feet and ankles to swell (always happens in the afternoon) wasn't too bad.

Savy rode her bike this afternoon, and she played with Abbey and Zoe for a little while. I would've taken pictures, but I can't find my camera....Savy must've hidden it. It'll turn up eventually. I'm taking it easy today...I started having contractions in the middle of our walk last night, and I wasn't sure I'd make it back to the house. I'm so ready to be able to really exercise again!

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Nanny said...

Oh my Christy! Please be careful about walking so far away from home, just you and Savy, since you are so far along. If you couldn't get back to the house, you would really be in trouble, especially if Jon wasn't home. Give Savy a big hug for nanny.