Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday we headed out to visit with Jon's mother and sister. It rained all all weekend, but the sun came out Sunday for our ride home. Savy had a good time and was pretty well-behaved for the visit.

This was the first time I've been there since Lesa's (Jon's sister) lake house was finished. It's really nice...they said they stay there more than they stay at their house now.

Some of the indoor pics are ones Lesa took herself some time ago. All the ones I took are dreary looking due to the rain...except for the first one, I took it Sunday before we left.

A view from land


Savy and Ruth watching TV. Vita went with us too...see her out on the deck.

A view of the back

Looking out at the lake from the deck.

Savy didn't want to leave. I hope the weather is better next time we go...Savy really wanted to go swimming.


Jennifer said...

What an awesome house, I wish I was there RIGHT now!!! It looks so relaxing!

Nanny said...

Oh my!! That is some nice house! Savy looked like she was really relaxed, lying on the pillow,watching tv. Vita was enjoying it too, I think. Remember when we visited you and we ate at the sandwich shoppe. The girl came to the table and got my credit card because she said the bill didn't go through the first time, well it was on my credit card bill twice. It went through both times. We love you.

Adam Holly Grace said...

That is beautiful!! Makes me want to go somewhere NOW!:)