Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vacation: Part 1

We left for East TN first thing Monday morning. We had to go get duck food at the Old Mill as soon as we finished checking in. Savy could feed the ducks all day and still not be tired of it.

Here's a little video of Savy "talking" to the ducks.

She couldn't wait to go swimming that night after dinner.

Since it was very cold Tuesday, we spent the day shopping. Of course, we had to feed the ducks before we left.

Wednesday, we visited Mingo Falls in Cherokee, NC. There are about 160 steps up to this waterfall (probably a few more than that). This is a view from the bottom of the steps.

Here's Savy and Papi on their way up.

We had to stop and rest when we made it to the top. I actually made it up without much difficulty.

Here's a great view of the waterfall.

Savy wanted to climb down to the stream at the bottom so she could play in the water.

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