Sunday, April 5, 2009

Magic Potion

Savy seems to be feeling better so far today. She was miserable's so frustrating, because there's not really much you can give a very young child to manage symptoms of a sinus infection. Everything over the counter is only for 6 years and older. I think we finally found the magic potion. Jon got her some children's chloraseptic yesterday. We gave her children's ibuprofen first. Then we gave her 5 sprays of the chloraseptic (no drinking for at least 15 seconds after), and we really had to wrestle with her to make sure it got in her throat and not just her tongue. Of course, she's on the antibiotics too, which she HATES! This combination is the best we've found so far for the sore throat. She was able to eat without pain after we gave her this, and thankfully she slept all night last night.

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Nanny said...

I am so glad that Savy is better. I felt so sorry for her. Jon is such a good daddy. We are so thankful for your good husband, we talk about it all the time. Lee Ottis thinks Jon is such a good family man! Also you deserve a good husband, you are such a wonderful little mom and homemaker!