Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poor Savy

Savy woke up several times last night crying. Jon kept getting up to check on her, and finally brought her to bed with us early this morning. By 8 o'clock, she was feverish and crying because her throat hurt. She was fine yesterday...thank goodness our pediatrician has a Saturday clinic. Her strep test was negative, but she does have a severe sinus infection. It must be a bad one, because the doctor ordered a 20 day course of's usually just a week or two at the most. He said she'd be fine to be around other kids once her fever is gone, which shouldn't be too long.

It's a shame she's's such a beautiful sunny day.


Jennifer said...

Poor gal, hope she feels better!

Ann Abbott said...

Poor Savy. I hope she feels better soon.

Nanny said...

Poor little Savy girl. I hope she feels better soon. I sort of had a stomach ache & upset stomach this afternoon, and it's no fun to feel bad. Tell her Nanny loves her and is thinking of her.I ran her picture off the blog and showed Faye & Bill. Faye said she is the cutest little thing. That was really a good picture. The little outfit was precious. You can tell she has a precious little personality by that pretty smile she has. And those blue eyes!!! Beautiful!!