Monday, April 6, 2009

For Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered

just how much damage one little 3 year old girl can you go. This is Savy's playroom this morning (Jon and I cleaned it a week ago).

This isn't including the little garbage can in the corner where she stole a little tub of barbeque sauce, opened it, threw it away, left the door open, then one of the dogs sneaked in and drug out all the garbage to get to the barbeques sauce.

Here it is after I cleaned it this morning.

What a difference! I clean it about once a week, and the destruction starts almost immediately. I don't know why she makes such a mess in there...she loves it when it's clean. Every time I clean it, she tells me "thank you for cleaning my room" about 10 times. I guess she just can't help herself.

Your time is coming, Holly; I know Grace is just starting to get into things. From the photos I saw in your last post, Grace seems to be on the same track!

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Adam Holly Grace said...

I thought the mess bothers me now... I guess I just gets worse! Ha! Ha!