Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Belly Shots

Jon took some belly shots this afternoon. It took a little bribery, but Savy gave her little sis a kiss for the camera.

Mimi and Papi will be here tomorrow. They're staying overnight, then we're off for some fun in East Tennessee!

Sorry for the short and infrequent posts lately. I've been sick as dirt for almost 2 weeks now...I'm finally just starting to feel well again. First, Savy got that terrible sinus infection, then I came down with it soon after. She got over it pretty quickly, but it has really stayed with me. Last week, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with severe abdominal and back pain. I was afraid I'd wind up in the hospital (it was about this time with Savy that I wound up there), but luckily it was just muscle spasms and some ligament thing triggered by the terrible cough I had. Several days after that, I had a bad earache, and my left ear has been completely stopped up ever since...I'm just starting to be able to hear (a little) out of it. Poor Jon...not only was he sick himself (although he got over it a lot faster than I), but he had to take care of Savy and me, too.


Jennifer said...

You are so adorable pregnant! Seriously, ADORABLE! Good for you!

Farrar Family said...

You look great!! Price was always creeped out by my giant belly!! He would have never posed like Savy did!! That is a great pic!!