Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our anniversary. Jon and I have both been feeling pretty ill, so we stayed in. I just wanted to show everyone what my wonderful, sweet husband gave me as a combination anniversary/birthday present.

The four poster bed of my dreams

a nightstand to match

Jon's nightstand


full length mirror

and beautiful roses.

Is he awesome or what?! I've waited over three years for a new bedroom was definitely worth it!


Nanny said...

Oh Christy! What a beautiful bedroom suit. I thought you had a wonderful husband, now I know you have a wonderful, one of a kind husband!! The roses are beautiful too. I bet all that made you feel so special. But, then again, you are special. Happy anniversary!!

Jennifer said...

Christy, it is beautiful! I love it!

Ann Abbott said...

That is beautiful and so sweet. Happy Anniversary!