Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warm Weather

It was 59 degrees and sunny this afternoon, so we took advantage of the nice weather. When Savy got home from preschool, I let her go out to ride her bike. She's getting pretty good at it, but she still doesn't quite know how to stop or slow down when she's going downhill.

After riding her bike, she wanted to drive her car. Some of the neighbors farther down the street were out in their yard. Savy waved and offered this little guy a ride...she is such a flirt!

Then they switched places, and he drove for awhile.

When she was done, we played outside with the dogs and Savy picked up a few sweet-gum balls.

I took a picture of Vita by the pet door for a size reference. When we first got her back, we left her in the sunroom one afternoon while we were in town. We never expected she would try to go out the pet door. When we got back, she had indeed gone out the pet door and was stuck in the cat run. Can you believe this dog fit through this door?!

She never tried that again!


Nanny said...

Savy is the most beautiful little girl!! Be sure that you don't let her get hold of anything to eat with peanut butter in it, such as cakes, cookies, nabs, pb&j, etc. They said the salmonela outbreak is acturally killing people. They are recalling about 125 different products.

Nanny said...

Oh! Sorry for the mispelled words. I didn't notice them until I had already published the comment.