Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feeling Better

Thank goodness the nausea and fatigue is getting better! I was actually able to go to the gym again (finally) on Thursday, and I got a decent workout. I still have a little nausea, but it isn't constant now. Yesterday I cleaned the rest of the house....even mopped the floors.

Thursday night we went the open house at the local private school. It seems like a great school and everyone was very nice. We saw Audrey and her parents there. Savy and Audrey won't be able to start until the 2010 school year, but we went ahead and put them on the list (which is already just about full). We invited them over for dinner tonight... I'm making chicken spaghetti, french bread, and banana pudding.


Nanny said...

That sounds like a good meal to me!!! Who is audrey?

Christy said...

Audrey is in Savy's preschool class. Their birthdays are only about a week apart.