Thursday, January 15, 2009


We didn't do too much yesterday. I took Savy to get a haircut at the local salon...she acted like such a big girl!

After the haircut, we went grocery shopping and came home. Here are some pics of Savy and her BFF Kiki taking a nap together...these were actually taken a few days ago. They just love each other...Savy asks for Kiki to come in first thing every morning.

Last night, we rode into town with Jon and went to Costco. On the way home, we noticed that the new KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant was finally open, so we stopped and picked up dinner. A KFC that close to home is the LAST thing I need right's gonna be hard to stick to my healthy diet! I spent extra time at the gym this morning to make up for last night, but it probably wasn't long enough.


Nanny said...

Was the picture after her haircut or before?

Christy said...

I took the picture before her haircut.