Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Belly Shots

Savy was very excited to go back to school today! I had to go to the office for a meeting this afternoon. Since I had to actually get dressed for that (wearing pjs to the office is frowned upon), I decided to take some belly shots. So, if anyone wants to see just how things are progressing...here you go.


Jennifer said...

Oh My, you are so darn cute with that belly. You look great by the way!!!

Theresa in MS said...

Congrats and all that! I've just gotta say it though; DANG! That baby's gonna be a linebacker :-) Hope you're feeling well and that part of it goes away quickly. Have a great day!

Ann said...

It may post twice but my comment earlier didnt post. You look great little Mama. You need to come to Oxford and go to the new Maternity shop near my house. I havent been in there of course but I need a reason since I am done with the preggers thing. I have my 2 beautiful girls.