Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday we met Mimi in town for lunch and shopping. Savy had a great time (she always does when Mimi's around), and she even got to play for a while in the play area at the mall. This time, I gave Mom the task of chasing Savy down when it was time to go....wish I had taken pictures of that chase!

When we got home, Suzy, Jim, Abbey and Zoe were outside. Savy drove her new jeep over to give the girls a ride. Here are Savy and Zoe about to take off.

Then Abbey got in the driver's seat and gave Savy a ride.

I was proud of Savy for sharing...she didn't mind letting Abbey and Zoe take it for a spin on their own.

I felt pretty good today, so I decided to clean up the has been needing it for quite some time! There was hair everywhere and a lot of leaves had fallen off my tree (inside for the winter). I even mopped the floor...Kiki, Ezra, Vita, and Kallie were very appreciative of the clean room.

We had this sunroom added especially for the animals when we were building the house. They all get inside time, but this is their room. This pet door leads outside to an enclosed cat run, so the kitties can go outside and don't need a litterbox.

Lee Ottis and Jon made the enclosure. We planted lots of shrubs around it last year to hide it....they should start to fill in this season.

That was all I could manage today. I'll continue doing one room at at time until I get the whole house.


Nanny said...

Savy looks so sweet driving her little Toyota. She has the best little personality. It's nice that she shares. And what a beautiful home you and Jon have. The sun room looks good, but didn't the bench used to be a stained wood, and now you have painted it black? Anyway, it looks good. The animals have a nice room to live in.

Jennifer said...

How neat that the pets have their own room. I love that rocking chair by the way!

Christy said...

Oh yeah, Jennifer, I forgot how you feel about cats :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the before picture of the pets room? LOL :) Krista

Christy said...

Someone might report me to the animal protection agency if I posted before shots! Just wasn't really that bad....just a whole lotta hair.