Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Pics

I don't have any pics to post today. I dropped Savy off at preschool this morning and went to the gym. Then I came home and cleaned house until I was too tired to clean anymore.

I'm pretty sure I felt the baby moving last night...there was quite a lot of moving around for a few minutes. I felt a couple of kicks again this afternoon. It's pretty early, but I hear that it's possible to feel movement as early as 12 weeks on the second pregnancy. I didn't feel Savy moving until I was almost 20 weeks....she was quite the wiggle-worm too. Actually, she still is a wiggle-worm.

Tonight I had the sudden urge to get a fish tank...a small one for the bedroom. Then I remembered that feng shui experts advise against placing an aquarium in the bedroom. Should I risk it? If I put one anywhere else, Savy will be into it all the time. I have to go to PetSmart this week to get a new collar for Vita; I'll look at the aquarium options while I'm there. I'm thinking this possibly has something to do with the nesting instinct...or maybe because I'm craving Lenny's tuna salad sandwiches lately?


Ann said...

The Lenny's sub comment is too. Please dont eat your Aquarium fish if you get them. As for movement of the baby, I think I remember feeling movement early with Carolyn also. I think it is because we have had a baby before and remember what it feels like.

Jon said...

How about we just get a can of Tuna Fish and put it in an empty tank?

Fish Tanks can be stinky!

Mimi said...

You've obviously forgotten how ofter you have to clean the tank. Also, you have to scoop out the fish when they die. You also have to have someone feed the fish if you're gone more than a day. Last argument against is fish and cats don't mix. Also Ron's fish tank collapsed and flooded his house.