Friday, January 28, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Wednesday we took Savy to Kim's Martial Arts to participate in a class. She had her own personal instructor, and she did pretty good. She loved it, of course, and said "I want to do it every day, forever."

We decided not to enroll her just yet for several reasons. Jon's not sure how much she'll actually get out of it (other than exercise) at her age. He thinks she'll do better if we wait a year or two. Also, the cost is twice what we thought it would be, and we'd have to sign a one year contract. Since we have to pay her tuition for Fayette Academy in March and we just started her college savings plan, we don't want to add another large monthly payment just yet. And she's starting kindergarten this fall...I'm sure there will be some sort of extracurricular activity she'll want to do because all her new friends will be doing it. Also, it'll be very hard to make it to the class she needs to be in when she starts kindergarten. So we're going to wait on martial arts for now.

Last night we attended open house at Fayette Academy where Savy will be going this fall. We went ahead and signed Scarlett up for pre-K...yes it's three years away, but those spots fill up very fast. Savy met a lot of kids that will be in her class.

Today was beautiful! The girls played inside for a little while this morning. Savy has been putting "casts" on all her stuffed animals (and Daddy too) with her Barbie Vet Clinic...see the cast on Marie's tail?

After lunch we headed outside to enjoy the nice weather. The girls and Vita played in the yard while I set up my compost bin. Savy and Scarlett "helped" by digging soil out of one of my pots and putting it in a bucket.

Then Savannah rode her bike while I pushed Scarlett in the stroller. Scarlett loved the walk around the neighborhood...she laughed and "talked" the whole time.

I can't wait for Spring!

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