Monday, January 24, 2011

Raw Dessert

I've been anxious to try out a raw dessert, so I made a trip to Whole Foods today for some ingredients. These are called Fudge Babies, and I thought they were great.

These are another variation...also very good. These remind me of a Payday candybar.

Savy was very interested in helping make them, but she didn't like them once they were finished. I think I should have made them while she was at school, put them in some sort of package, and pretended they came from the market. Oh, and I should have also acted as if I didn't want her to have them...THEN she would have loved them. I don't know what I'm going to do with that girl.

Jon didn't like them either. It's a shame, because the main reason I made these was for Jon and Savy...they are the ones with the sweet tooth in this family.

Scarlett LOVED these. She even chose the "babies" over some real candy that Jon brought home tonight. That's my girl :)))))

Both recipes (and lots more) can be found on Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Savannah has been saying she wanted to study martial arts for a long time...almost since she learned to talk. Jon set up an appointment for us to visit Kim's Martial Arts Academy on Wednesday. She'll be able to participate in a class to see how she likes it. If she likes it (and I KNOW she will), we'll probably work out a schedule and sign her up. I asked her today if she would rather be in a class with kids smaller than she is or bigger than she is. She said she'd rather be in a class with kids bigger than she is. When I asked why, she said "I don't want to fight kids littler than me...I might hurt them." Yeah, I think she'll do just fine.


Nanny said...

They look good but I've never heard of raw dessert. What is it?

Christy said...

Raw desserts are made with unprocessed foods, aren't cooked, and have no added sugar...the sweetness comes from the fruits used to make the dessert.