Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Snow

It snowed again today...a lot. Savy got out of school at noon because of the weather. We are officially stir crazy around here. Savy constantly rides her plasma car around and around the kitchen island. It's like a race track.

Scarlett is climbing on everything - I can't take my eyes off her for one minute. I caught her on top of the breakfast table earlier this week.

Today she's been climbing on this horse...she finally made it to the top tonight.

Look at that tooth shining!

Dinner tonight was black beans and pinto beans with sauteed onions and garlic. Served on brown rice, topped with fresh avacado and drizzled with fresh lime juice. It's seasoned with a homemade taco seasoning recipe I found online. Unfortunately, those convenient packs of taco seasoning are full of stuff I'm trying to avoid, but it was easy to mix up my own.

This is Jon's with the sour cream...I used a spoonful of Fage Greek yogurt on mine. Scarlett LOVED this and ate evey bite. As usual, I nearly had to force Savannah to eat, but she did finally finish her small portion. Jon and I both liked it...although Jon did make a comment about the avacado.

I've been so tired today. Jon and I stayed up late setting up my new table saw last night. It's all ready to go! Now I just need to find time to get out there and start building.

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