Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow

Savy was thrilled when it started snowing last night. She wanted to go outside and play first thing this morning. We had a quick breakfast, bundled the girls up, and headed outside. Jon managed to get a shot of the yard and house before we messed it up.

They both have on three layers of clothing. Scarlett didn't like being bundled up at all and just wanted to be held. Vita loved the snow and was racing in circles around us as I was trying to take pictures.

Our yard is flat, so we joined the party a few houses down at Allan's...he has a big hill. There are LOTS of kids who live on our street, and I think most of them were in his yard today.

Savy couldn't wait to try out the "Dora" sliding disc that Mimi bought her a few weeks was really fast.

They actually packed the snow at the side of the yard into a ramp, and all the kids LOVED that. Savy went down it a few she is just before she went airborne.

Scarlett and I even took a couple of trips down the slope.

Savy wasn't happy when we had to come inside to warm up. Jon went back out with her before dark so they could get in a little more sledding and make a snowman.

They stayed out quite a while. I think Savannah was actually ready to come back in this time....doesn't she look pitiful?

I wasn't too happy about being snowed in on my first day off - I've been cooped up in this house for seven days, and I'm ready for a change of scenery! I'm glad it did snow, though, because Savy had so much fun.

As for my Copaxone injections... so far, so good. I gave them myself the first two times, and both times it stung like crazy for about 15 minutes or so. Jon has given me the last two injections (I can't reach certain sites very well), and those didn't sting much at all. We got a microfridge for the bedroom to keep the syringes in, and we're going to put a lock on it to keep the girls from getting into it. Now if this residual cough from that cold would go away, I could start going to the gym again!

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Nanny said...

I have found a kind of cereal I think Savy would love. It is called blueberry muffin tops. They stay kind of crispy in milk. I thought of her because she loves blueberries, or at least she used to. Enjoyed your snow pictures.