Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick Or Treat

Our town trick-or-treated tonight instead of tomorrow - don't know why. Savy didn't care whether Halloween is today or tomorrow...that girl would go trick-or-treating every day of the year if we'd let her. Halloween is Savannah's absolute favorite holiday.
Mimi bought Savy this cowgirl costume a few months ago, and she has been dying to wear it. Jon bought her the hat last time he was in Nashville, and I picked up the western boots at Target...ta-da.

Is that adorable or what?

Jon and Savy picked out Scarlett's costume.

Here's our traditional Halloween dinner - a 28 inch - yes, twenty eight inch - pizza. This sucker won't even fit through the door unless you do some maneuvering.

We started at our neighbor, Dan's, house. This is Scarlett's first ever trick-or-treat. She didn't quite get it...she threw her little bucket on the ground to free up her hands for the candy.

Savy led the way and was the first at every door. We only visited the houses on our short street, but I imagine Savy would visit every house in the neighborhood if I let her.

Back at home, Jon had a nice, warm fire waiting for us on the front sitting area. You can't really tell in these pics, but the torch flames are red and green...Jon's idea, and it looked really cool.

This is a great place to sit and hand out candy to the kiddos.

We had a cove party while we were handing out candy. We supplied the pizza, Byron grilled hotdogs and bratwurst, and Suzie supplied this awesome cake.

Jon and I had planned to make s'mores in our fire pit tonight, but we couldn't eat another bite. We'll just have to save the s'mores for tomorrow night.

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