Friday, October 8, 2010

Safari Park

Jon took today off, and we took the girls to the Tennessee Safari Park. It's in Alamo, TN - less than an hour away. When we got there, Savy, Scarlett, and I climbed in the back of the truck, and Jon played chauffeur.

Savannah had a blast feeding all the animals. Scarlett was pretty interested too.

This ostrich bit Jon about six times and tried to steal his watch.

We were all a little intimidated by this guy...he was huge! Savy was afraid he would bite her, so I fed him.

This was right after he tried (and nearly succeeded) to steal the whole food bucket right out of my hands.

He also decided to use the truck as a scratching post - the whole truck shook when he leaned against it.

After the driving trail, we went to the "gift shop" area. This is where we met Jerry the giraffe. He waited patiently while Jon purchased carrots.

I had no idea giraffes had such long tongues. He'd stick his tongue way out and wrap it around the carrot, then he'd pull it back into his mouth.

This baby monkey (see him in front of Mommy and Daddy) was so cute. He bounced all over the place, showing off for us.

Spider monkey

Savannah really enjoyed the park...I think Jerry the giraffe was everyone's favorite.


audrey's mom said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! You always take good pictures!

Adam Holly Grace said...

Wow! What a fun and neat place!! Savy looks like she is not even phased by those animals! I'm afraid Grace would be too scared to be that up close and personal:)