Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've been doing a little sewing lately. Today I finished what I was working on for Scarlett's room (secret), then I decided to repair Savannah's doll strollers. She has used these things until the seats came apart, and Scarlett loves to push them around. The frames are still in good shape, so I'm making new seats. I've only gotten one done, and it turned out great. Here's a sort of before and after...old one on the left and new one on the right.

Scarlett was very excited about the "new" stroller and immediately put Care Bear in it.

Savannah has been dying to decorate for Halloween. I'm not much for holdiday decorating, but this year I did put out our monogrammed pumpkin and a string of spider lights I bought at Target a couple of weeks ago. Savannah planted pumpkins and corn near the door late this summer, so we have those for harvest decorations. The pumpkins and ears of corn are really small, but she's very proud of them.

Suzy, Abby, and Zoe were outside putting up their halloween decorations this afternoon. The girls played for a long time...I hope Savy and Scarlett are worn out enough to sleep through the night!

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