Thursday, October 28, 2010

Midsouth Corn Maze

What a day! Savy's preschool had Fall Fun Day this morning...I took a little break from work to go. It started with a hayride up to the "pumpkin patch" where the kids got to pick a pumpkin. Savy said she wanted to ride by herself (she is so independent!), so Jon, Scarlett and I just watched from a distance.

After picking the pumpkins, the hayride took them over to the pavillion for a picnic lunch.

Savy had her heart set on going to the corn maze at the agricenter this year. Since I was certain it would be super crowded Halloween weekend, tonight was our last chance to go. On Fridays and Saturdays the corn maze is "haunted", meaning there are actors in the maze to scare everyone. Savy said she wanted to do it on haunted night, but Jon and I were finally able to talk her out of it....good thing we did!

Savy and Jon at the entrance.

Here's Savannah just inside the entrance, and she's already freaked out a little bit. The camera's flash is pretty bright, but it is actually very dark inside the maze...there are no lights except at the little observation stand in the very middle. I'm glad Jon's i-phone has the flashlight feature!

I put Scarlett in the Ergo carrier and just wore her. We were in there for quite a while, and my back didn't hurt at all. Jenni, if you're reading, thanks again for telling me about this carrier - it's awesome!

There were "clues" stations...another reason I'm glad we had a light. If you know your corn trivia (and know the difference between right and left!), it's pretty easy to find the way out.

It took a lot of coaxing to get Savannah anywhere near this coffin. I'm sure on haunted nights there must be a vampire in there, but it was empty tonight.

Electric chair

We made it!!!!

I have to admit every time I think of the corn maze, I think of a stumble....and a lie....and a cover-up. Yes, you were the butt of many jokes tonight.

It was a great day, but I am exhausted. I think the corn maze will have to become a Halloween tradition now.

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