Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry it's been so long, but these girls are keeping me so busy! Scarlett is getting much more independent now and isn't content to just sit in my lap anymore...she's into EVERYTHING! To make matters even more interesting, she's started climbing - she's even more of a climber than Savannah was, if that's even possible. I caught both of them on top of their little table, getting toys off the top of the play kitchen last night.

They completely decimated the nice, clean play area in just a few minutes.

We were hanging out in Scarlett's room last night, and I got Savannah's old rocking chair out of the closet. Scarlett claimed it immediately.

She got up for a minute, and Savy decided to sit in it. Scarlett didn't like that one bit - she's getting very possessive of her toys now.

Dumped Savy right out of the chair.


Ann said...

Ha! Carolyn screams and cries when Lauren plays with her toys. Sometimes I think Lauren gets her toys just to make her angry. Yes kids do get possessive of their toys. I pull out one of Lauren's old toys or clothes and she wants them back. She claimed pajamas back even though they are too short and her belly shows.

Nanny said...

Enjoyed the pictures, but would have liked to see something besides just your tootsies! Thats all we could see of you.

Christy said...

Ummm...those are Jon's feet, not mine!