Friday, October 22, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

Our cove is FULL of girls. There were eight girls today...Abby and Zoe, Savannah and Scarlett, Avonlea and Violet, and Suzie's two nieces. No wonder the little boys who live farther down the street hardly ever venture down here!

I was a little surprised Savannah had the energy to play after roughhousing all day with Lee Ottis. A & Z had their mustang and their four-wheeler out, and Savy added her Disney princess Jeep to the mix.

When they got tired of the cars, out came the wagon.

Then the slide

Scarlett was brave today...she took her first slide all by herself.

We had a great day! Savannah and Scarlett can't wait for Nanny and Lee Ottis to come back for another visit.

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