Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We had another gorgeous day today! Savy's been on a bubble kick lately, so I got out her bubble maker today. She and Vita had a ball chasing bubbles.

I love this serious look...she's concentrating so hard.

Flowers on one of our trees...this new camera is awesome!

The strawberry plant Savannah picked out this morning at Home Depot

We ate our lunch outside today...Savy always loves it when we eat on the porch.

I'm so proud of Scarlett! We started "Ferberizing" her on Monday, and she's doing pretty good so far sleeping in her crib. She even took a nap in her crib this afternoon...amazing! She's also eating some real food now. She ate half a jar of pears two days in a row, and today she ate half a jar of turkey and sweet potatoes. And she LOVES the Baby Mum-Mums anytime. I knew she'd eat when she was ready.